How To Save The Relationship When Your Ex Boyfriend Has Moved On

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Published: 01st December 2010
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Have you and the love of your life called it quits, and are now looking for help on how to save the relationship when your ex boyfriend has moved on'? Don't bother feeling dejected, because this does not mean the love of your life is gone forever. Here are some savvy and easy tips on how to save the relationship even if your love has already moved on and no longer appears to be interested in getting back with you.

1 - First thing to getting the man of your dreams back is to search for a way to convince him that he still wants you. Except if he really, really does not have any interest in you anymore, then there are a number of options that you can employ from this point on.

2 - One of the most advantageous things that you can do is be a friend to him. Be a really good friend to your ex and show him that you understand him and that you can be around him without creating any spectacle. Show him that you can kid around with him and have a healthy friendship with him. When the emotion and tension of the relationship and breakup have died down, he may realize that he wants you again.

3 - When you talk with your ex boyfriend, be charming and kind to him but don't be afraid to have a little bit of attitude. You will want him to want you, nevertheless at the same time you will also want to give him the feeling that he cannot have you just yet. While fooling around with him is not the most beneficial way to go at it, you would like to give a hint of "hard to get", to make him more interested in the process.

4 - You should be playing a littl a bit hard to get, but you also want to make certain that he realizes you are not tied up with someone else. You shouldn't completely cancel out the idea of flirting and hanging out with friends, because drumming up a little bit of jealousy never hurt anyone - But it is important that you play it safe because if he doesn't think you are available, he may not find the impulse to chase you.

5 - Refrain from acting desperate at all costs. If you act forlorn, your ex boyfriend will disesteem you. You are going to want to play things cool that you are all right with what has happened, and that you are amenable to move on. If you act forlorn, things will not work out as you desire, so avoid doing this at all costs.

6 - Any time that you feel he is looking your way, or if you sense like he is looking at you, look at him out of the corner of your eye. This sidelong glance will let him know that you are attentive to him, but in a mysterious "you can't have me" kind of way.

7 - Casually recollect with him some of the best times that you have had while you were together. These good memories will remind him how well you and him blended together. Don't make him remember any bad memories, as it will only displease him which will not give you good points.

These are just the initial steps on how to save the relationship. They are the initial steps many couples have undertaken when they lost the love of their lives. And frankly these aren't my own ideas. These are just some of the superb ideas of T 'Dub' Jackson, a simple guy who has been there and experienced a deep breakup himself. He has mastered the ways on how to save the relationship and is sharing these with individuals who seeking help through his Magic Of Making Up book. Magic Of Making Up is a no-nonsense, down-to-earth book that will teach you tried and tested ways to save the relationship. Nothing like advice from someone who has actually been there and has proven and tested ideas that really work. Read more about T'Dub' Jackson's Magic of Making Up and learn how to save the relationship you treasure.

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