Save The Relationship Advice: Marriage Tips for Young Husband And Wife Having A Rough Time

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Published: 01st December 2010
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However long you have been married, it is a natural expectation that your relationship will come upon problems. While you were younger, you may have experienced seeing your dad and mom have at it, and it would convey the impression that they have been together for the longest time. It is in no way different with newly married couples. You will have clashes, confrontations and quarrels. That is the way it goes even if, during the early days of your married life, you believed you had the unequaled relationship. Your marriage is still too young for you to give up hope. You have all the odds in the world to save the relationship.

Being in a relationship for a while will bring out the best and worst in you. As the relationship progresses, you will notice changes in your partner's disposition, even features that could get on your nerves However do not be hopeless. You can talk about it with your partner, or you can argue about it. Arguments are an ordinary chunk of married life. You have probably seen your mom and dad argue when you were younger but there they are, still together after all these years.

Do not let slight irritants disturb you. This may only confound matters as these may expand into bigger issues and may explode into a bigger fight. Start looking for solutions to problems while these are still manageable as this is easier to take on. The longer you wait, the bigger the issue becomes and the more difficult it will be for you to resolve this. Then you may miss your chance to save the relationship.

Understand the issue. It will be easier to thresh out the problem if you understand this. Find not just one but numerous possible choices to deal with the issues. Do this as one with your partner. It is only when you work as one to find a solution will you gain success.

If you or your partner has to change to solve the problem, do the change in stages. Share with each other your objectives of replacing your bad habits with good ones. And as you complete each objective, reward yourselves for this.

When you and your spouse talk about the problem, do not raise your voices. Raising your voice may only result to pained feelings and antagonism. Do not bring up old hurts. Focus on the present problems and try to resolve these rather than holding back ill feelings about mistakes committed in the past. The past is past and you would like to move forward to save the relationship.

Forgiving each other is still important. Solving the problem will be useless if you are not willing to give forgiveness. When you allow yourself be consumed by hatred and bad feelings, this will just result to more discontent and more problems. Learn to live with the fact that neither you nor your partner is without fault. Forgive old sins and undertake to be better and make amends to save the relationship. But do not be impatient. Forgiveness cannot be made overnight and you should give yourself and your partner enough time to do this if you endeavor to save the relationship.

And finally, when you are able to undertake these, make a promise. Accept the aftereffect, which may be awful but essential. Promise that you will not let up and do all that can be done to save the relationship

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